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Throwback Photo Of Jibril Standing Next To The Body Of Gaddafi, Years Later He Died Of Corona Virus

by Nationnaija

We know power intoxicates and can make someone do things they do not intend doing,today’s throwback picture is that of Muammar Gaddafi and Mahmud Jibril,it is a photo filled with lessons of humanity to learn,there is a saying that ‘if you want to kill an African,meet his brother,he will help you do it’,such was the case of Muammar Gaddafi and Jibril

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Despite the fact that Gaddafi gave Jibril juicy appointments in his governments,he connived with the west to kill his master,Jibril was one of the highest benefactor of the government of Gaddafi,but when crises broke out in the country,it was Jibril who haunted Gaddafi to his death,below is a throwback photo of Jibril standing next to the body of Gaddafi after he has been killed

Blurred Photo

After the death of his master,he became the prime minister of the country for sometime before stepping down for a fresh government,but as it is with life,your sins must catch up with you one day,it is surprising to note that Mahmud Jibril died in 2020,he was not killed by gunshot,neither was he killed by assassins,but he was killed by the dreaded coronavirus,today he has gone to be with Gaddafi

Late Jibril

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We should always think twice in life before taking some actions,because death will visit us all someday,what will we be remembered for?kindly follow this page,leave a comment,like and share

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