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More Photos Of The Beautiful Lady Who Accused Her Husband Of Defiling Their 9-Months-Old Son

by Nationnaija

One of the duties of every couple is to make sure they are a good parents to their children, protect and train them well to be a good person in the future. Many have gone wrong, and step the wrong pedal in the way they go about bringing up their children. Divorce, fights and abused by either partner would surely have a drastic effect on a children life.

However, what can we say with an accusation levied against a father who was accused by her wife of defiling his 9-Months-Old Son, and also accused of being a gay.

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Couple pictures;

In recent news that’s trending online, a beautiful lady, Onyinye Onome has come out to air to the public about how her husband, Victor Inalu defiled their 9 months old son. The lady who posted on her Facebook page wrote in a lengthy note explaining how she later found out her husband was a Gay.

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Photos of the lady;

The lady also accused her husband of threatening to kill her after she came out to reveal what is going on in their marriage. However, the husband has also come out to air his piece about the accusations levied against him.

Photos of the husband;

The husband also revealed in details what transpired between them, and claimed she is doing all this because she requested for a DNA and a divorce. He further revealed he is not a Gay and would never do what she claims he is doing to their 9-Months-Old Son.

These continues to be a very big and bad marital issue as the wife has reported on Facebook that they are trying to hack her Facebook page.

What do you think about all this allegations?

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Whose side are you on?

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