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Ekiti Is Your Home, Fayemi Assures Herdsmen

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Buhari will hand over to ANN in 2019, party assures Nigerians

A vibrant ideological bloc and one of Nigerian political party, the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) has assured dismayed Nigerians to relax their minds about whether the outgoing President Buhari will hand over power since his defeat is now not only sure for the oppressed citizens but glaring to the president himself and the unpopular government he is leading.

ANN in a statement by its spokesperson, Akinloye Oyeniyi, on Sunday in Abuja said it is aware there is a nationwide apprehension bothering on whether President Buhari will handover power should he lose the 2019 presidential poll, which it answered “capital yes”

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Going further, Oyeniyi said “Surely, we know Nigerians are sick of this present government which have not only failed in all critical sectors but have been keeping them in bondage for more than three years through its fascist regimentation of the country.

“The ANN commends majority of Nigerians for their stance to withdraw their obedience to the outgoing government via the 2019 presidential poll and ANN promises not to only take a leading role in that constitutional theater of transition but will also not abandon Nigerians during that critical phase of Nigeria’s nationhood.

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The party said the 2019 presidential election is more than just people’s participation in politics, but an instrument of sovereignty the impoverished people of Nigeria already resolved to deploy in carrying out withdrawal of their obedience to Buhari’s government, legally delegitimising it and bring leadership succession through electoral impeachment.

According to the spokesman, international instruments and regional ones like African Charter On Democracy and Civil Governance, Protocol on Unconstitutional Change of Government In Africa, ECOWAS Parliament and African Peer-Review and others stand activated to foreclose President Buhari trying not to handover.

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Speaking on the spread of the state of the nation’s electoral processes, the ANN mouthpiece said his party is aware that international governmental and non-governmental organisations; donor states like United States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada; donor organisations; and civil society organisations too are all aware of the terrible state of Nigeria’s electoral governance and administration.

He therefore implored Nigerians to be peaceful and continue to hold on to the collective resolution until the important civic duty to save Nigeria from the current cage of throes is total

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